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If you’re looking for a bike that gets you on the trails, lets you climb with the goats and still hit the descent with confidence, the 2021 SCOTT Genius 960 is that bike - and it’s now in stock at Contender Bicycles. With a TwinLoc Suspension System granting three levels of travel - 150-100-Lockout - the Genius 960 trail bike is like three bikes built into one frame. Heck, the Genius 960 even lets you choose between 29 and 27.5 wheels depending on your mood.

No need to keep an extra fork system in the garage with the SCOTT Genius. Simply flip a chip on the shock mount and swap out wheelsets.

The SCOTT Genius 960’s Alloy SL 6011 frame with a SRAM Nx-SX Eagle drivetrain is light enough to make you feel as though you are on a top of the line Genius without sacrificing frame strength, integrity or stiffness. Simply put, the SCOTT Genius 960 is an ideal blend of price and performance on a trail bike without compromise. The Syncros Duncan dropper post moves your saddle out of the way to help navigate technical terrain and descents with ease.

TwinLoc Suspension is developed with the idea of taming any trail, any time. SCOTT’s patented NUDE shock platform works with the TwinLoc Suspension System to allow adaptation to multiple trail setting all with the simple flick of a switch. Most systems on competing bikes only increase low-speed compression, while TwinLoc lets you not only change compression damping, but change the spring curve dynamically to alter the geometry of the bike frame itself. The TwinLoc System give you a climbing bike, a descending bike and the perfect bike for all trails in between.

TheMarzocchi Z2 Air fork and X-Fusion NUDE rear shock move from linear mode to Traction Control to Lockout modes effortlessly - again, with just the flick of the switch taking you from wet, greasy trails to hard-packed berms and adrenaline pumping jumps.

SCOTT’s kinematic suspension curve grants supple small bump sensitivity resulting in outstanding traction for mid-stroke and controlled deep stroke predictability while bottoming out comfortably. Pivot placement ensures efficient pedaling for dynamic power transfer while maintaining rear wheel traction on the gnarliest of trails.

The SCOTT Genius 960 - as well as the rest of the Genius line - is perfect for your backyard trails or the weekend warrior rides. Tackle any descent with confidence, clean any climb or rip it fast and furious in between. It’s everything you love about the top of the line Genius but with a budget friendly price tag.

Lightweight, capable and most importantly fun, the SCOTT Genius 960 is asking to take you to the mountains. Are you ready to answer that call?

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