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Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

What is a Bike Fit and Why Is It Important?

Bicycles are intricate pieces of equipment. Engineers from aeronautics, materials, and bio-mechanics work together to make bicycles that are continually lighter, faster and stronger. But the bottom line is that your ability to ride a bicycle efficiently is based in large part on how well the bike fits you. Lori Hoefer, Pacific's bike fitter has been fitting for 20 years and is regarded as one of the best in the country.

The fit process begins with a discussion of the athletes’ cycling goals, other activity participation, injury history, existing issues or discomforts while cycling, nutrition and fitness maintenance practices. Next a bio-mechanical assessment of the rider is completed to determine flexibility, end range of motion in the hamstrings and hip flexors, core stability, and joint tracking. Once the fit begins, incremental changes are made by the fitter using the information collected during the interview, the physical assessment and the empirical data generated from the CompuTrainer and Guru DFU. The end result is determining the ideal position based on flexibility, power, efficiency, and comfort level.

The process takes anywhere from 2 to 3 hours with a large portion of the time riding inside on a Guru DFU (Dynamic Fit Unit) while Lori reviews, makes changes, and reviews again – as many times as needed to get the fit perfect. This time is an opportunity for Lori to instruct on proper posture, pedal skills and learning the intricacies of being on a bike.

Lori is a 20 year veteran of the bicycle industry and has worked in every facet of the industry including manufacturing, retail sales and global sales. Lori was a founding team member of the Serotta Professional Bike Fit School and worked for Signature Cycling for over 7 years. She was a competitive racer for 15 years and in 2002 was nationally ranked as the #2 Master Women’s Rider (40 – 45).

*All fittings are done by appointment only and we book about two weeks in advance, longer for weekends and evenings. Please be sure to bring cycling or triathlon clothing that is form fitting, yet comfortable. You will be pedaling and will be exerting energy to make sure that the fit is dynamic and as realistic to the outside world as possible. Fittings can take more than the allotted time ( 2 hours for road and 3 hours tri), please keep this in mind when scheduling an appointment with us.

"I recently purchased my first tri bike through Pacific Cycling and I could not be happier. I had a bike fitting with Lori, which was very helpful and thorough. She spent over two hours with me doing my fitting, and answering all of my questions. She had went through all of the bikes I was interested in, told me which ones would fit me best in the sizes I would need. Julie also made the purchase seamless, She made herself available for any questions I had about the bikes I was interested in. Julie and Lori also responded by email very quickly. I really cannot say enough about my purchase with the shop. Everybody involved in the experience was great. It is very tempting to purchase from online competitors, but nothing compares to the personable experience you get from a local bike shop. I highly recommend Pacific"--- Rick G

Pro Bike Fitting Makes All the Difference

Whether you’re on a brand new bike or you’re looking to shave seconds off of your next race time, you can benefit from a professional bike fit. Learn more about our fit services and schedule your appointment today.

Basic Road Bike Fit

(existing or new bike)


Riding a bike should NOT be uncomfortable. Pacific Cycling & Triathlon fitters work in collaboration with the rider to put them in the optimal position on the bike. This includes the bike fit process as described above with adjustments made to seat position, cockpit length and height and cleat setup.Requires 1.5 hours - 2 hours and includes setting up the cleats and all aspects of the bike.

Tri/TT Bike Fitting

(existing or new bike)


Our bicycle fitters collaborate with the rider to create a position that is a balance between comfort, power and aerodynamics. Working within the F.I.S.T. protocol, proper body angles are established and the rider provides comfort and power feedback to build a bullet-like position. This is the most comprehensive and successful tri/tt fit protocol in the industry. Requires 2 hours – 3 hours and includes cleat setup.

Follow Up fit Session


The body can settle and small changes can happen.   Optional fit adjustment to original fit and bike. PRICE: $125 per hour

There is NO charge within 60 days of your bike fitting session for a follow up. If you have any questions about the duration of when your fitting was, please contact us.

Custom Bike Fitting


Create the bicycle of your dreams! Comprehensive interview and physical assessment. Dynamic fitting with CompuTrainer and video analysis. Custom design template provided within 48 hours.

Combo Road and Triathlon Bike Fit


Fit Both your Road & Triathlon bikes (must be booked together by phone).

*Follow up appointments after 1 year are $100 an hour. Please call for an appointment

Cleat Fitting


Foot assessment, joint tracking analysis, on bike saddle positioning. If a comprehensive fitting is indicated, cleat fitting will be credited to the full fitting.

Notes about Bike fitting: After a professional bike fitting it is recommended that you ride your bike at least six times for a period of at least an hour before making any adjustments. Your body needs time to grow accustomed to this new position as in most cases many hours have been spent in a less than desirable position. Your fitting at Pacific Cycling and Triathlon is based on rider specific measurements, physiology and goals. Our goal is to establish a comfortable, efficient and powerful position, while keeping the rider injury free.There are occasions when slight adjustments need to be made after experiencing the new fit position in real time on the road or if changes to equipment have been made ( ie: shoes, pedals,saddle,handlebars,stem,etc). Follow up appointments are free of charge for the first 60 days after the fitting.

"Pacific is a regional mecca for everything triathlon/cycling.  Julie, Lori & Juan have been big helps over the years with product help, fitting and equipment insights.  There is nothing like it for much of the region.  My most recent visit was simply to mount new XLab seat cage, new tires/tune gearing in advance of 70.3 race but Juan quickly noticed/swapped out chain, adjusted brakes, notified me of worn bearings on wheels and had insights/advice for upcoming race as he'd completed several times which was invaluable.  I brought in my gravel bike which had trouble with rear wheel removal - he immediately noticed the rear derailleur had been installed incorrectly (another retailer) - then compared notes on regional gravel routes.  Cycling/triathlon is a technical sport and finding folks with deep experience is invaluable"

Contact us to schedule your bike fit today.

If the Shoe Fits

For maximum power transfer on the road or trail and for exceptional comfort on a spin bike, we recommend clipless cycling shoes and pedals. With stiffer soles and the ability to click into and out of your pedal system easily, cycling shoes make your ride and your workout more efficient, more effective, and more comfortable. Never get stuck in a toe cage again!