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pacific skimo team

Pacific Skimo/Backcountry Skis and Touring Gear

What is SKIMO? Skimo stands for ski mountaineering, which is simply the climbing and skiing of mountains. Skimo is all about moving fast and light. It’s an endurance sport that heavily revolves around racing up and down mountains on skis either at a ski resort or in the backcountry. If you enjoy winter trail running or cross country skiing you’ll probably love skimo!  You can think of it as “fitness skinning.” It’s a great cardio workout and excellent cross-training. Your Vo2 max will skyrocket!

Pacific Cycling & Triathlon also has a skimo team! Pacific Skimo was formed for the love of the sport and simply to get more people outside enjoying the winter while getting an incredible workout in. Our team grows yearly, some race, others wake up at 3 am and hike a mountain,  while others will do laps at the local ski mountain or golf course. For whatever reason Pacific Skimo is here! Follow us on Instagram @Pacificskimo

All are welcome!

ski service

Ski Mountaineering Gear

Pacific Cycling & Triathlon sells and rents Hagan and Dynafit gear and apparel. We also mount skis from these brands.